E-Commerce & Web Search

Searchperience is an independent search function for websites and online shops of larger companies and organizations.

Give your visitors a modern and comfortable search experience that really delivers results!

When do I need it?

  • If your website or online-shop is a relevant part of your business
  • If you like to gain new customers through search
  • If you want visitors to turn into regulars
  • If you know, users are lost in seconds, if they don‘t find what they‘re looking for
  • If you see eBay and Amazon as a benchmark for searching

Save time, resources and costs

With Searchperience, you benefit from all the advantages of Cloud Computing: the search runs on our servers, not yours. There’s nothing to install or implement and no extra work for your IT-department. Our three subscription packages (Basic, Professional or Enterprise) ensure flexible scaling to meet your particular company requirements. You maintain full cost control. Setup and configuration cost start as low as $1,000 USD in the basic version. Depending on your specifications, Searchperience can be ready, connected and serving your clients within a few days.

“Out of the box” or customized?

If you want your search experience optimized immediately, Searchperience can adapt preconfigured layouts to your branding. Or you may choose to have an entirely individual custom layout, complete with the look and feel of natural and commercial search matches, product results, auto-suggests, filters and much more. But that's not the end of it, the possibilities are in the details! A web-based interface enables you to individually tune, adapt and maintain every aspect of the system – user access rights, search logic, which portals to be searched, etc. – via a fully-featured Open Source Content Management System.

Better crawler, faster results

Our intelligent crawler automatically indexes all information on the sites you have listed – text, links, even images. Just how often the database is updated depends on the package you have chosen. We are currently the only provider offering Enterprise search with a SaaS model without the need to provide us with XML content. This makes Searchperience an extremely fast and service-oriented search solution.

Configurable update frequencies ensure that the most relevant information is prominently featured in the results and the crawler constantly analyzes and calculates your internal page rankings. In addition, you can adjust the level of relevance by stipulating additional factors that will bring a particular page or product to the top of the rankings.

Top performance and state-of-the-art

Searchperience boosts your search function straight into the major leagues: with facetted search and filtering, auto-suggest and prioritized “special offer” results, real-time stemming and fuzzy logic based on Apache Solr … All this and more for literally millions of pages and database entries!

Learn about more features of Searchperience.