Converting a visitor into a customer can simply depend on just how intelligent your web search is. Improve your search experience with Searchperience!

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Professional Indexing

The intelligent Searchperience-Crawler indexes and analyzes your site automatically and at regular intervals. We do not require any data from you! The crawler understands the semantics of your pages and recognizes different page types.


Facets and Filters

By clicking on pre-selected filter functions, facetted search enables you to quickly narrow down your results, making search more efficient and satisfying.


Positioned Search Results

You can manually decide the top matches for a particular search term - independent of organic ranking: you can use this function to guide your visitor to special offers or to prominently place clearance items for promotion.


Fuzzy Search

Typos and spelling mistakes are automatically corrected. Searchperience offers the user corrected suggestions as well as search matches based on fuzzy parameters that will find the right results, even when you don’t know the correct spelling. Synonyms for the term are also suggested.


Live Search

Show results while your visitors are still typing to give optimized results and keep them from getting lost in level after level of product catalogue categories.

Search Analytics

What are the most searched for keywords? Which filters were used? What results were clicked? Searchperience offers extensive functionalities to analyze the search behavior of your users.


Companies using Searchperience to optimize their Enterprise Search


Applications for Drivers

T-Systems and AOE launched a Searchperience-based smartphone app web portal for drivers // App Finder for iPhone and Android Devices

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Panasonic Europe counts on Searchperience

Panasonic is using the Searchperience solution for its 19 European websites

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