Placement and Ranking

Influence visitor search results!

By ranking individual pages or tagging particular documents with frequently-used search terms, you can guide your visitors to the most interesting or advantageous results.

Ranking Control

Alongside the automatically determined search results, so-called "boosts" given at the document level can play a decisive role. These carry out a targeted ranking of individual documents such as, for example, your latest or most promoted products, giving them an extra boost factor. Accordingly these documents are then listed higher in the search results.

Targeted search results

Via your administration backend you can configure special treatment for certain searches or even manually tweak the top results. These techniques can be used to:

  • Attach a particular advertisement to a particular search result
  • For particular searches to pull up the desired result directly; in other words, when searching for “press” to flag with a question “You want to go to the Press Zone? Click here!”