Professional Indexing

The intelligent Searchperience-Crawler indexes and analyzes your site automatically and at regular intervals. We do not require any data from you! The crawler understands the semantics of your pages and recognizes different page types.


Facets and Filters

By clicking on pre-selected filter functions, facetted search enables you to quickly narrow down your results, making search more efficient and satisfying.


Live Search

Show results while your visitors are still typing to give optimized results and keep them from getting lost in level after level of product catalogue categories.

Recommendation Engine

This feature allows you two things: On the one hand you can display suitable products or content based on the documents in your catalogue in your search results. On the other hand it allows you to render personalized search results to match the interests of your users.

Search Analytics

What are the most searched for keywords? Which filters were used? What results were clicked? Searchperience offers extensive functionalities to analyze the search behavior of your users.


Search Widgets

Search Widgets allow editors to place content from the search index on the site in a very flexible way. For example as recommendations or cross-selling boxes on the home page, etc.

Positioned Search Results

You can manually decide the top matches for a particular search term - independent of organic ranking: you can use this function to guide your visitor to special offers or to prominently place clearance items for promotion.


Fuzzy Search

Typos and spelling mistakes are automatically corrected. Searchperience offers the user corrected suggestions as well as search matches based on fuzzy parameters that will find the right results, even when you don’t know the correct spelling. Synonyms for the term are also suggested.


Did you mean ...?

From “Fresh Widow” to “French Window”: if your visitor, despite auto-suggest and fault tolerance, types in one or more words that show no result, Searchperience will automatically suggest terms which might have been intended.

Flexible Layouts

Searchperience brings you complete flexibility in the structure and display of search matches, as well as auto-suggests, filters and much more.

Optimized Ranking

By entering so-called boost factors you can control which search results appear at the top of the list of matches. In this way you can lead your visitor to particularly important information that might otherwise be undervalued in the organic page ranking, or you can highligh special offers like Google Adwords.

Search as a Service

Searchperience brings you all the advantages of Cloud Computing: the search runs on our servers, not yours. There’s nothing to install or implement and no extra work for your IT-department. With minimal effort we can connect this intelligent search to your existing company website or online shop.



Even while your visitor is still typing the first letters into the search box, Searchperience is already suggesting possible words that might lead to the right result faster. The number of correct matches can also be displayed.


With the enterprise search solution Apache Solr at its core, Searchperience enables you to handle even the heaviest visitor traffic and literally millions of documents.


Admin Interface

The admin interface allows for full control over your search solution: here, you can set up filters and recommendations, and configure rankings and boost factors. Which are the most popular search terms? Learn about these vital usage statistics and much more in the admin interface.


Image Analysis

Your visitors are looking for images where the color blue is dominating? For images that show faces? No problem with the in-built Searchperience Image analysis feature!